Renault Logan Cup Car (Beginners)

Drive our "Beginners-CUP CAR" Renault Logan and make your first real motorsport impressions.

This is possible on our racetracks on the pannonia ring exclusively. The harmonious racetrack guidance is perfect for your very own turn.

The approx. 100 HP strong Renault Logan Cup Car is FIA-Motorsport certified.

Chassis with screwed-in roll cage from Wiechers, aerodynamics through the rear wing from the racing version, four cylinders, eight valves, standard pedals and gear lever, Sparco racing steering wheel, emergergency stop switch, bucket seats, racing belts, front-wheel-drive and semi-slicks.

The manual 5-speed transmission is familiar to many "neo-racers", the cup bolide is easy to drive.

Convince yourself!

Um dich auf die Strecke und das Fahrzeug vorbereiten zu können, steht unser Simulator in Wöllersdorf für dich parat.

Focus, Control, Discipline - „ready to go!"

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